Size Matters

A while back, I had lunch with another election lawyer. Ashby Law was two or three years old at the time, and he was checking in to see how I was doing as a solo lawyer. “When we got your launch announcement,” he said, “we all thought, ‘Wow, it will be interesting to see how this goes.'”

Ashby Law will turn five in August. I’m still going. And with the addition of two new attorneys and one full-time professional staff member, the firm is growing.

This Winter, Jon Waclawski joined the firm as a partner. Last Fall, Kate Rennolds joined the firm as an associate. Kaitlin Murphy is our Director of Operations.

Together, we have deep experience on the business side of politics. We worked on campaigns and for politically-active nonprofit organizations before entering the legal field, so we’ve been the client before and we understand the environment in which our advice will play out. That experience and understanding is the foundation of our approach to the practice of political law—strategic, creative, practical.  And as a team of four, we are better leveraged, which means that we can serve our clients more efficiently and effectively.

When I began the firm in 2011, I had two anchor clients. Today, our clients include top tier presidential candidates and some of the most important statewide officeholders in America, the PACs and lobbyists of Fortune 500 companies and multi-national corporations, one of the largest Super PACs in the country, nonprofit organizations that are registering voters and making independent expenditures, impact donors to candidates, parties, PACs and causes, and innovative companies that are changing the way campaigns are run and won.

We are grateful for the trust and confidence of our clients, and for the support of our friends and referral sources. We will keep working hard and smart to justify it. And we are grateful for the continued opportunity to help our clients win elections, change law and policy and move the needle of public opinion during this exciting and important era of American politics.